Will I Spend My Whole Day Reading?

It feels a little decadent to consider but I wanted to spend my whole yesterday reading and I got side-tracked. So, I am actually behind schedule in my lazing about. I am about halfway through Chuck Klosterman’s Visible Man and I am really, really enjoying it. I thought it would be good, but there’s something downright delightful about it. He’s got this way of kind of twisting the horror of the situation in kind of by half notches that I’m finding really fascinating.

I turned in my Ben and Sue Allen story. I hope they like it.

I also finally set my nine nights. I’m doing it later than usual, going to start up the 28th and cover all of the major Dead days. This is more by necessity than needing any major woo. Those are the nine nights I think I’m most likely to be left the hell alone. This month has turned out to be incredibly busy.

But I’m already looking forward to it. It makes me realize how important ritual is, how important it is to give yourself huge rhythms in your life.

Anyway, it’ll be dark in the evenings, then, and cool enough for a fire.

One thought on “Will I Spend My Whole Day Reading?

  1. I can’t wait.

    And soon my little household will be moving to a house with a fireplace, and I will also be able to sit up at night and watch for movement inside the flames.

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