The Difference Between Tempting and Choosing My Fate

I have had this song stuck in my head for a week now, thanks to NPT showing the Americana Music Awards and me watching it. And why should I be alone? I have mixed feelings about Justin Townes Earle, but I kind of dig a song about suicide that’s like “Yep, I can’t get any better than this. Better kill myself.” There’s some wicked, wicked social commentary in these verses, hidden beneath a catchy tune.

NM asked me if I’d heard the Pistol Annies album and I said I had not since the situation we discussed at lunch. But then I purchased it any way and I am floored. Just floored. I like Miranda Lambert, and I am excited as hell about her next album, but holy shit, this is good. I want to say smart things about it, but I don’t know that I have any smart things to say.

I have more questions than observations, you know? Like why isn’t this also Americana? Isn’t this the kind of album that, when people say “This shit they make now isn’t real country,” you can justifiably shove this up their noses? Is “Housewife’s Prayer” the best song about the recession so far? When was the last time any woman sang a song about popping pills? Am I wrong to be sad that this album isn’t going to win a million awards?


5 thoughts on “The Difference Between Tempting and Choosing My Fate

  1. The Pistol Annies are “not Americana” only because those involved don’t choose to market it that way and work it on Americana radio stations. (Not that they’ll push it or play it much on country.) The Wreckers, for instance, were also “Country” (not Americana) because they were marketed that way..The Jane Dear Girls–same thing. Mavericks were country, Derailers Alt.Country (later–Americana)..
    These are business, and audience target, not musical distinctions, really. Secret Sisters, singing country, are Americana–and somebody nominates The Civil Wars for best country duo–apparently surprising even them. Nice news: We can all just like what we like and leave the category mysteries to the categorizers!

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