I think I need to go on a vacation. Like actually go some place. Some place where I’m not related to anyone.

I wonder how I can afford to do that…

I think I’m having vacationing daydreams exactly because I’ve decided to get serious about paying my credit card off.

I need someone to pay to option A City of Ghosts for film. I don’t know how to go about making that happen.

Either that or I need to sell the mineral rights on my land. Not that I have any minerals. Unless mud counts as a mineral.

6 thoughts on “Vacationing

  1. We stayed in a shared room at an HI hostel on our recent trip to Boston, and that helped cut costs a lot. We could have saved a lot on food if we’d researched/planned better and used the hostel kitchen more.

  2. a nice option inexpensive as well would be to go to stearns ky for the weekend
    ride the big south fork railroad
    across from the street is a place that adverises a bluegrass jamboree on fri & sat nights don’t know how good it is never been
    a block away is the big south fork motor lodge an older but well kept motel last weekend we paid 62 tax included per night
    its very scenic area esp now with tree color but don’t expect big city stuff stearns is very rural though walmart krogers and fast food is only a few miles away
    the motel and rail excursion are online

  3. I’m kind of daydreaming about going to Savannah. I love Charleston and New Orleans and Savannah seems like it might be an interesting mix of the two.

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