Justin Bieber Loves a Complete Douche in His New Video

Justin Bieber shot his Christmas video down in Franklin recently and now it’s up and available for everyone to see.

The tune is really catchy.

Oh wait, that’s not it. Let me try again.

What?! That’s not right. Okay, hold on. Let’s dim the lights and put on a little Dean Martin Christmas music and leave that Ingrid Michaelson video alone with the Bruno Mars video and…

Okay, there we go.

So, let’s say right off the bat that Justin Bieber should not be calling anyone ‘shorty.’ But let’s talk more seriously about the toolish behavior of everyone in this video.

Yes, there’s the blonde making a play for Bieber right in front of his girlfriend. Not cool.

There’s Bieber acting very flirty with a girl in front of his girlfriend and giving the scarf his girlfriend put on him to the blonde chick. Toolish.

But can we talk just a minute about the girlfriend? Who doesn’t discuss with Bieber that she’s upset or why, who pouts and acts sullen because he talks to a female friend, and who pouts off and disappears when he’s helping his friend pick out a Christmas gift for her boyfriend. No talking to him. Just he’s not a mind-reader and she’s hurt. But then, it turns out that he is a mind-reader and he’s bought her a dress and has shown up in his fancy car to take her to the Christmas party. She is rewarded for being an uncommunicative asshole.

And Bieber is shown kissing butt to a girl who pouts when he’s with his friends and who walks off on him when she doesn’t like who he’s spending time with, lavishing extravagant gifts on her in order to get back into her good graces.

The person who sent me this video described her behavior as controlling. And at first I was like “Oh, I don’t know.” But then I thought, imagine if the genders were switched and Bieber’s character were played by a girl and the brunette was a boy? And, yeah, if the video were exactly the same otherwise, I’d totally read that as controlling and think that it signaled problems for later in their relationship.

I guess today is the day of “I’m glad I don’t have to navigate a middle schooler through this crap” because I’m not sure I’m up for explaining just how fucked up the behavior in this video is and why it’s being treated as normal.


I’ve mostly stopped reading the comments at Pith, for my mental health, but I am still reading the comments in this post, because I am stunned by this idea that telling people who unwillingly encounter the police that they shouldn’t speak to the police without a lawyer or let the police search their car without a warrant is somehow shameful.

I certainly don’t believe the police are your enemy. But my god, they are not your friends. They have a very difficult job to do for which we should all be grateful and treat police officers with politeness when we deal with them. But politeness does not mean setting aside your rights just to make their jobs easier.

I don’t know. I just find this really weird. Sometimes, I suspect that the vast majority of people in this country have no idea what the Constitution says and, if they did, would not like it.

But this is exactly why I am fine with you having an arsenal if you want one. And, while I am uncomfortable with guns and I hope you take proper safety precautions, I welcome you walking around with an M-16 on your shoulder. It’s not because I’m all “Gun rights! Woo hoo!’ I don’t come from a gun-loving home and, like I said, I’m uncomfortable with them. But because it’s obvious that it’s necessary to insist on an expansive an interpretation of the Bill of Rights as possible, because otherwise the government will WITH THE SUPPORT OF MOST PEOPLE reduce those rights down to the point that they mean nothing.

Don’t talk to cops who have you in cuffs without a lawyer. Don’t let them search your car without a warrant. Buy a gun or twelve and learn how to use them. We’re trying to have a free country here.

Another Reason I’m Glad I’m Not a Parent

If my middle-schooler came home and told me s/he’d been made to watch this video in class, which shows how to do meth, I would be so mad I’m not sure I could function.

They could have made every single one of the points they made without showing how to do meth, without giving visual pointers about how to set up your lab, but no. They chose not to.

And it’s people with this stunning level of judgment who are in charge of our state.

You know, I find it stunning that we can’t teach kids how to use a condom in health class, but we can teach them how to shoot meth. That the state endorses.