Early November is in Two Weeks

If you care at all about women’s health, I invite you to go read all of Left Wing Cracker’s post today. I would just like to point out one thing.

If you follow the local news, you are probably aware that Christ Community  competed for a family planning grant to provide services to low income uninsured people; these funds were previously awarded to Planned Parenthood.  Our application scored highest, we have been offered the program and we are now gearing up to begin the program in early November.  Please pray that we will have the endurance and integrity to withstand the onslaught of those who are intent on our failure.  Daily, we are confronted with refuting the half-truths and misstatements coming primarily for the leadership of Planned Parenthood.  Daily, we have needy people intentionally sent to us by Planned Parenthood  even though they are fully aware that we are not yet able to deliver the services. Their intent is to embarrass us and report to the local media that Christ Community is unable to deliver the care.

Please, linger on the bolded parts. Early November is a week away. By the time you get to November 10th, you’re in mid-November. Is Christ Community going to be ready in a week?  I mean, you can say what you want, Christ Community, but as of right now, you are indeed unable to deliver the care you told Memphis you could deliver. If you weren’t ready for patients, why did you ask for them?

Nobody wants women to go to Planned Parenthood, but when Planned Parenthood sends patients to Christ Community, Christ Community is the victim of big bad Planned Parenthood? So, Planned Parenthood is evil? But they should go on being evil in a way that benefits Christ Community until Christ Community has its ducks in a row?

I’m sorry, but that looks to me like the exact same mindset that lets “pro-life” women have abortions at Planned Parenthood, because their abortion is okay. Planned Parenthood is just supposed to take all their abuse, but continue to provide them all the services they need, because they’re “good.”

That’s not integrity. That’s hypocrisy.

4 thoughts on “Early November is in Two Weeks

  1. It’s not as if anyone thought this was done on the basis of morality or efficacy or anything like that. If they keep the contract, they can put the kibosh on contraception and anything else that lets the fornicating bitches out of their just desserts for fucking. If they fuck up enough to blow the federal funds entirely, also mission accomplished. The important thing is that bitches pay the price for inappropriate fucking.

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  3. If they beat out PP for the contract, doesn’t it stand to reason that PP would send the patients to them? I am confused as to why they are painting PP as having onerous motives.

  4. I am starting to wonder if this is one of those cases where these folks are so invested in the rhetoric of PP as evil that they literally can’t see that, if Planned Parenthood is out of money, Planned Parenthood can’t see patients for free.

    PP doesn’t even have to send patients to them. Once PP says “Sorry, but we have to charge you,” people go to where they’ve heard healthcare is free.

    I’m just stunned that they’d take money and not be ready for those patients. I say this over at Pith, probably tomorrow, but the hiring requirements under Title X seem to me like they’d take some time. You have to vet everyone before you offer them the job. I don’t think that’s onerous or anything. But if you’re trying to be ready to see patients in early November?

    Is it really likely that they have job candidates already lined up that they can vet this week and get in place and trained next week?

    I hope they can. I think the whole situation is bullshit, but women in Memphis need healthcare. If CCHS can’t provide that healthcare to women, it’s not just egg on their face, you know?

    The thing that frightens me, and I have seen this a lot with non-profits (not just religious ones), is that I’m not sure CCHS is thinking beyond “this will be embarrassing to us.”

    No, that’s secondary. The first and foremost concern is that women will be harmed if they can’t get healthcare. And that should be CCHS’s primary concern as well.

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