My Back is Old

I planned to spend the morning gardening. I wanted to cut down the peonies and clear the front left bed of trees. Mission accomplished. I even fell a little in love with the holly, because I realize that, in another year, they will crowd out the more problematic parts of that bed.

But, in the middle of all this gardening, I had to spend a good ten minutes sitting on the front steps waiting for my lower back to quit acting like an asshole.

What the fuck, back? You carry around two huge boobs all the time. I feel like I should have the core strength of a ninja.

Obviously, though, my back disagrees.

I have half a mind to pull up all my plants and plant bushes instead. Who needs flowers?

4 thoughts on “My Back is Old

  1. I know my case is uncommon, but it IS annoying when your body won’t let you garden. Seems to happen just about the time you get a house with a decent gardening space. Irony. Or pure tragedy.

    You can always plant flowering bushes. Best of both worlds. :)

  2. I have a huge sapling I have to cut out of my day lilies! I need something that will grow and put out some kind of herbicide as it grows.

    Get on that, science!

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