The Polk Building

Oh, I forgot I was saving up this weirdness from the Southern Festival of Books to tell you at Halloween time! And now it’s time.

Okay, so I’m reading and I finish and I’m kind of standing there, talking to people and signing a book, when a woman comes up to me and asks me if I know about that building right there–and she points to the Polk Building–and how it’s haunted.

No, I do not.

Well, she tells me, while it was being constructed, a man fell down the elevator shaft and died. And that dude apparently had some opinions in the afterlife and there was a period where it was a very regular occurrence that the elevator would arrive at your floor before you called for it and that assholes in the building would find themselves trapped in and shook around in the elevator for no reason.

She said that, eventually, it got so bad that they had to redo the elevators, which resulted in them no longer shaking assholes. However, apparently, there are still times when the elevator will open to let you in before you have called for it.


Nashvillians, can you confirm?

3 thoughts on “The Polk Building

  1. Sorry B, I’ve been working in that building for many years before and after the elevators were redone and I’ve never heard that one. I’m not an asshole so my experience may not be sufficient. I’ll ask all the assholes around the office.

    There is a gremlin in the elevators though. About half the time the lights that show which way the elevator is going don’t light up so you can’t be sure which way you’re going until you get on.

  2. W., I’m so sad that the elevators are just quirky and not haunted. But I have to ask, how are you not down twice a week in the museum asking to see the severed thumb?! It’s a good thing i don’t have a state job, because I would be annoying the crap out of the state museum every other day.

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