Gearing Up

It’s a kind of funny loop. I’m feeling good and sociable and excited because I have this nine-night doohickey set aside for woo-woo stuff, which means that folks are coming out of the woodwork to be all “let’s do dinner!”

The Man from GM is coming through on Sunday. My parents will be here on Tuesday. I can’t get out of those things, but I’m excusing myself from everything else.

So easy to just slip by carving time out. But I need to carve that time.

It’s nice to pick your own times for ritual, but I’m already like ‘Argh, Friday! I’m not ready.”

But I am ready. As ready as I need to be. Everything else is just window dressing.

Still, I’d like to get some white sage.

And some long matches.

And some wood for the fire.