Occupy Nashville Should Go Federal

I don’t know who any of the Occupy Nashville people are because I’m grouchy and hate crowds and doing crowd-like activities. But I want to point out that the people in Occupy Atlanta moved to federal land because it’s tougher for the city to evict them from it.

Our federal courthouse is at 8th and Broadway, which is a lovely, very visible spot where a ton of tourists will see you.

Just a thought.

6 thoughts on “Occupy Nashville Should Go Federal

  1. Isn’t any open land there though. I imagine it would be easier to find legal reason to clear the sidewalks and parking lots of protesters than it would be to clear Legislative Plaza.

    There were a few back today. There was some ruckus as they came in but it’s totally empty over there now.

  2. Well, bless their hearts, if there’s only a handful left, they can totally fit on that little bit of grass out front of the courthouse! Poor Occupy Nashville.

  3. Yes, Occupy Albany is on city land for that very reason — our governor is not tolerant of direct democracy. They’ve also been given a fallback safe-haven invitation to set up on union-controlled property (CSEA) near the state house.

  4. It’d be awesome if First Baptist let OWS/ON use their parking lot. After all, they’ve got a vested interest in protected speech.

    But something tells me that’ll never happen.

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