Why Haslam’s Response to Occupy Nashville Should Concern Lawmakers

From The Tennessean:

“If we’re going to have laws, we have to enforce laws,” Haslam said.

A rule you made up yesterday is not a law. If the governor doesn’t understand who makes the laws and how they come into being, maybe some legislators from his party need to sit him down and explain it to him. It would be quite difficult for any law to have been passed yesterday because the General Assembly isn’t meeting.

So, here’s my question for you, lawmakers: Do you feel certain that Haslam understands and respects the job you do? Because from where I’m sitting, he appears to not know the difference between a law and a rule.

Also, I continue my belief that this makes the governor look like a wuss. He’s afraid of fifty people because they’re dirty? Because crimes have been committed against them? Well, hell, Haslam, that’s a lot of people in your state. You going to hide in your limo for the rest of your term?

7 thoughts on “Why Haslam’s Response to Occupy Nashville Should Concern Lawmakers

  1. No, he evidently doesn’t understand the difference between a law and a policy or rule. *headshake* does someone need to send him back to school?

  2. I cannot properly express how much I agree with this post. So I shall just whirl around in my chair and shout “YES EXACTLY YES” for an infinite number of minutes. Or until Upper Management calls the cops and the dogs on me. (Bad move. I am a good friend to cops AND dogs; they will join us in refusing to enforce not-laws.)

    Like I tweeted to you, Bull Connor wasn’t much of a man, but at least he had a bigger crowd to turn the dogs on.

    Thank you, B. Thank you.

    P.S. to Governor Baby: The TCA addresses criminal trespass. Even more specifically, it says,

    “A person commits criminal trespass if the person enters or remains on property, or any portion of property, without the consent of the owner. Consent may be inferred in the case of property that is used for commercial activity available to the general public or in the case of other property when the owner has communicated the owner’s intent that the property be open to the general public.”

    THAT is a law. Who owns Legislative Plaza and the Capitol Building and the War Memorial Auditorium? WE THE PEOPLE DO. You’re just the tenant we let live there right now.

    To quote Ashton Shepherd, LOOK IT UP. http://is.gd/gz2YJB

    Or go ask Bob Cooper. He’ll tell you.

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