More About the Reporter They Arrested

You remember that earlier this evening the THP sent out an email accusing Jonathan Meador of being so drunk that he “appeared to be intoxicated and unable to care for himself.”

Meador was able to videotape his arrest. Judge for yourself how intoxicated and unable to care for himself he seems.

The second I saw there was no notice of what his blood alcohol content was at the time of arrest, I was deeply suspicious that this was a bullshit arrest. But hearing him identify himself to the police and hearing him interact with the protestors, it’s obvious that he wasn’t drunk, was able to care for himself at least until thrown to the ground, and that they knew he was a member of the media.

But go ahead, Haslam administration. Let’s have another mid-morning press release in which you explain this away as being something other than what it obviously is.

10 thoughts on “More About the Reporter They Arrested

  1. Husband says they don’t usually administer a breathalyzer for public intoxication. Still, I’m wondering how much of the Constitution Haslam intends to destroy during his term. Guessing by the time he’s done the only amendment we’ll have left is the 2nd one.

  2. Yeah, but the second someone identifies himself as a reporter, you’d think that they’d want actual proof he was drunk and not just them spreading bullshit.

  3. I heard them say on the video to charge him with resisting arrest – seems to me that’s pretty hard to do when you’re thrown to the ground and handcuffed with police officers sitting on you. Then they said his camera was going in his pocket – so they knew exactly who they were arresting, a reporter, and they didn’t care that they were actually violating the law by enforcing some rule Haslam created at the last minute. Thugs, all of them, including Haslam.

  4. Yeah, but the second someone identifies himself as a reporter, you’d think that they’d want actual proof he was drunk and not just them spreading bullshit.

    That would be assuming they are consciously thinking about what they are doing. Obviously that’s not the case. I think the state police are just indulging in a little hippie-punching which as we all know is WAY AWESOME.

    Clearly after the fact someone cooked up this intoxication story to try to justify arresting a reporter doing his job. Someone doesn’t want Gov. Baby to look like he’s shredding too much of the Constitution all at once.

    So, any protestors with carry permits? Anyone want to see if Haslam will dare go after the 2nd Amendment, too? I mean, how hilarious wold that be: they’ve already got Bill Hobbs pissed off about the First Amendment, let’s get the gun rights folks into the mix, too. Heck, let’s get some folks out there praying, too. Freedom of Religion, who needs that?

    Okay I’m kidding about that last stuff. But only partially. I think Haslam has backed himself into a corner and is now having his “oh shit” moment.

  5. You make a good point, Southern Beale. Where are the guns? Why aren’t the ‘2nd Amendment advocates’ out there with the OWS people? My guess is most of them don’t think they have a robot in this fight. Who gives a shit about some hippies protesting our financial masters? As long as our financial masters don’t tell the cops to come into our houses and confiscate our gun collections, why should we get hot and bothered?

    Honestly, though, I don’t think the governor has much to worry about. Who’s going to challenge him? The ones with guns and badges are obviously on his side, so who does he need to fear? The Feds? Obama’s Justice Department? As long as someone as thoroughly and allegedly corrupt as Joe Arpaio is still a jailer and not jailed, I don’t think any cops or governors or mayors have to worry about the Banker’s Best Friend coming after them for abusing the rights of OWS protestors.

  6. 1) I am not out there for the sole reason that my husband absolutely refuses to take me. His point is that if I get arrested I’d likely end up in the hospital. Given the way they treated that other disabled fellow–pulling him out of the wheelchair and forcing him to the ground–I imagine I’d be in for a world of hurt. Personally I don’t care. If some can die to protect our rights I can be a little torn up for a few days. But The Husband doesn’t share that view. (I’m your 2nd Amemdment nutbar that you were wondering about.)

    2) anyone who has spent time with cops, judges or prosecuting attorneys (ie me at Christmas, 4th of July and other family gatherings) knows that there are a handful of CYA charges the cops drag out when they arrest someone wrongfully. Public Intox is the Mack Daddy of those. When they use that charge they can just say “oops we messed up” without facing malfeasance write-ups.

    is it just me or in all these videos does it look like the cops are having a pretty good time?

  7. Along with others I don’t care who is down there protesting – they can be down there protesting the latest cast off from Dancing With The Stars for all I care — what bothers me is the actions of the governor. He’s merely taking the actions he’s taking because they’re not on his political football team.

    I’m a 2nd Amendment nutbar too.

    But that aside, what troubles me on the “people this bothers vs. people this doesn’t bother” — the people this doesn’t bother: don’t they realize that when one persons right to protest our government is jeopardized that all of our rights to protest government are jeopardized?

    Be careful of the freedom you let be taken away, you just might need it one day.

  8. Yeah, I honestly think that, in Tennessee, the dynamic is a little different. The gun-nuts are watching this closely. But there are two points for context. A huge portion of the population in Tennessee owns guns. So, it’s not exactly a separate political identity. Gun-nuts are a subset of politically aware gun owners. Well a subset of that subset. Politically aware and motivated by second amendment concerns. Second, it’s illegal to carry at Legislative Plaza, at least inside where the offices are. I’m not sure about up top, but I’m guessing the same holds. It’s the roof of the office building after all.

    So, it’s very possible and likely that there are gun owners being arrested every night, but, since they’re not carrying and this is a first amendment issue, it’s hard to tell. They’re not identifying themselves as such.

    I also think that all it would take is Steve Gill or Phil Valentine to say something similar to what Campfield said–“I think these guys are morons, but the Governor can’t be allowed to do this to people who are exercising their right to free speech.”–and we’d see a weird mix of tea partiers and hippies down there.

    Some conservatives are concerned, but they’re not conservatives Haslam’s particularly concerned with.

  9. The over/under on when they realize they can get extra justification by saying the protests are on top of the legislature’s offices is Friday. I’ve got $5 on someone thinking of that before then.

  10. “Heck, let’s get some folks out there praying, too. Freedom of Religion, who needs that?”

    Actually a great idea. Maybe an enlightened church such as Downtown Presbyterian, or Edgehill Methodist or a UCC or UU church would be able to organize a round the clock prayer vigil against Wall Street on the Legislative Plaza and dare Haslam to send his KGB troops in at 3am to move them out.

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