I Don’t Think You Can Take a Train to Clarksville Any More Anyway

My favorite thing about this video, other than the baby with the mustached guys, is that, though the band could sure enough have shot this video in Clarksville, which is right up the road from Nashville, they clearly filmed it in Nashville and out at the Natchez Trace. By the time you get from downtown out to the Trace, you could be from downtown almost to Clarksville.

Happy Birthday, Butcher!

It’s the Butcher’s birthday today. He’s 31. That doesn’t freak me out as much as our other brother being 35, since I was 35 just last week. But here we are, my other brother and I hurtling towards old age, the Butcher tagging along far behind.

All things considered, I lucked out in the brother department.

May we all live happily and in good health into our eighties.