9 thoughts on “Yes!

  1. That’s another story that takes my breath away.
    I’m so jealous of you writers-but in a ‘please write more’ sort of way.

  2. It’s funny. I feel like I could write a million stories about Odin. But when she was like “Ta-da it’s Tyr!” I just about shrieked. I was not expecting that. But I was glad to see him so lively and wise.

  3. Did you see Cat’s new story at Apex? It is also amazeballs.

    I love Apex so much. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

  4. Cat’s story is amazing. And it really makes me wonder if demons in our mostly Christian society kind of occupy a similar ecological niche to elves and wights in other societies.

  5. Your insights into our national supernatural menagerie (some would call it an imaginary, but I think that’s a little impoverishing) never cease to amaze.

  6. Well, I’m just wondering about it more than feeling certain about it. I feel like I need a better understanding of how elves and wights work. But just in terms of “you can’t always see them, they live under ground, they sometimes will fuck you up for fun, and they can ruin your children” it seems pretty similar.

  7. There’s historically a lot of cross-over in settler-states between the ways and locations of imps/demons and the ways/locations of the indigenous (as perceived by colonial occupiers).

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