Oh, I Forgot the Scary News!

So, yes, my parents were briefly in town last night. They’re taking a leisurely trip to North Carolina for my nephew’s birthday. As they were leaving, my dad said “See you next week!” I said “Oh, are you coming back through next week?” And he said “Well, we still haven’t decided how we’re coming home.” And I said, “Okay, well, it’s cool. If I don’t see you next week, I’ll see you in three weeks for Thanksgiving.”

And he sighed. And said, “Don’t remind me. So much driving.”

So, I took my chance! I said, “You know, if you lived closer, it wouldn’t be so much driving.”

And he said, “Yeah, that’s true. We need to get on that.”

Yes, it’s scary. But it’s also obvious that they’d rather be closer to their grandkids and I’d like them closer (but not too close!) to me.