Some Loosely Related Ideas around a Theme

–This has been a really strange Nine Nights. For one, I usually have no problem getting the time I need and this year was way late and I’m having to really work to carve time out. I also have never done one that’s run this late past the 31st, I don’t think. And the energy on this side of November is just different. And I feel like I’m running into different folks.

–Are wights and elves the same thing? I need a good resource on all of the different hidden folks.

–I basically threw up a story today. I don’t know how else to explain it. It started coming on me on the way to work, just rolling around in my head so hard it made it hard to drive. Then I started writing in my downtime and came home and finished it up. 3,600 words, just like that. I’ve written a lot of stories before, obviously. I’ve never had one basically barf itself uncontrollably out of me. And I think it’s really good. It’s about the Kentucky witch who took Big Harpe’s head. And the Devil’s in it. Ha, you know, one thing about the Devil in my stories is that he’s always just committing very minor kinds of evil, but he can’t not commit them. He’s encouraging you to cheat at cards, cheat at farming, etc. And even the people he loves he can’t do right by. It’s interesting to contrast him with Big Harpe because, while Big Harpe is a monstrous fucker, I don’t think what he does warps the people he leaves alive in the same echoing-down-through-the-generations way that what the Devil does does. That kind of evil–that stains and lingers–really interests me more than “woo, I’m a crazed nihilist serial killer with two wives!”

–I’m also working on another story, about the adopted daughter of a fake medium who is actually a medium and what happens the day her mom actually sees a ghost. But I’m worried it’s trying a little to hard, that it never quite gets up over its own weight.  We’ll see what my trusted beta reader says before I start to panic.