Purity Dairy, Save Me!

My doctor’s office called me yesterday to tell me that I am Vitamin D deficient. I had two thoughts in this order: 1. But I drink a lot of milk! and 2. God damn it, the lights in my windowless office are supposed to be those stupid therapeutic full spectrum lights. I guess that’s bullshit.

I’m supposed to start taking supplements.

That, to me, sounds like the opposite of fun. (And may I just say how funny it is that, in the medical community, there’s all this “You must try harder to exercise more!” recommendations if you’re fat but there’s no “You must try harder to spend more time in the sun!” pressure if you’re not getting enough Vitamin D. Yes, too much sun can cause skin cancer, but exercise can fuck up your joints, so… I’m just saying that it’s interesting which things can lead to harm when overdone are still pushed and which ones aren’t.)

Anyway, I think the easiest solution would be for Purity Dairy to make an ice cream for the vitamin D deficient. Make it as delicious as all Purity Dairy products and enrich it with a daily dose of Vitamin D and sell it in little “health sizes” and I will eat them every day. For my health! Ice cream.

It will be like heaven.

10 thoughts on “Purity Dairy, Save Me!


    I’m on a jacked up amount of Vitamin D supplements because I’m hugely deficient. (And that’s the new trend in diagnosis. If you don’t have Aspergers, you have this.)

    Too much Vitamin D gives you awful kidney stones. I’m the middle point in a tug of war between a Rheumatologist and two Urologists right now.

    All I know is that ever since I started taking these damn VitD supplements (which cost like gold) I began passing kidney stones at an AVERAGE rate of 1 a week.

  2. Stupid question here … I thought milk generally comes fortified with Vitamin D, if you get it from a dairy and not right from a cow. Is that not the case? Although I agree about Purity ice cream and all. I thought that milk in my coffee and making a quiche or souffle or so would take care of my needs, even in winter. Am I wrong?

  3. Salmon is a Vitamin D bomb…and lovely omega 3s to boot. I eat it a couple of times a week in the winter because the sun disappears here in the Hudson Valley.

  4. Or you could just go naked on your morning walks with the dog – expose more skin to collect all the sunlight and make your own Vitamin D.

    The bonus side effect is more boob freckles.

  5. Coble, well, I do have some real concerns about that, since I have to have my liver and kidney functions checked all the damn time from the metformin.

    NM, milk usually is fortified with D, but apparently not enough? I don’t know. I have a big serving of milk every morning and eat a lot of cheese, I thought that was good.

    Apparently I need a “fatty, you’re so stupid” cooking lesson but for Vitamin D deficiency.

    Salmon, huh? Okay. I like the ice cream idea better, but I hear you.

  6. That’s weird–my doctor told me about a week ago that I’m Vitamin D deficient too. I dealt with low iron (not all the way down to anemia, but close) when I was in high school, but this has never been an issue for me. I also eat tons of dairy (cereal and milk almost every morning, plenty of cheese, really starting to like the taste of Greek yogurt), I usually have salmon about once a week, I already take a multi-vitamin, and I think this is maybe the second time it’s rained since I moved to Los Angeles six months ago. So I don’t know what’s up.

  7. Goldni, it’s kind of like diabetes, IIRC, in that they recently changed what “enough” is. There have been a rash of studies about low vitD being linked to cancer, lupus, arthritis,..you name it. So now people are thought to need more than previous recommendations.

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