The City Cemetery

I spent my beautiful afternoon on the historical tour of the city cemetery. I was pretty much morally obliged to go because Jack Macon was one of the historical people this year. And the guy doing him was great! Younger than I imagine Dr Jack, but still, build like I imagine, with just the right touch of theatricality.

Also cool was that Sue Allen’s mom got a name drop. The kid, White Whomever, his mom mentioned that he was nursed back to semi-health in Mrs. John Ewin’s home on the Franklin Pike before being carted off to a Union prison where he died. That’s Sue’s mom. John Ewin(g) is Sue’s step-dad.

I really like that they do such a good job of featuring both black and white Nashvillians. The stories are really good and I don’t know, maybe it’s just the time of year, or me at the end of the nine days, but I think this was the best one of these.