The Salem Witch Trials and Me

So, I just went back to my account to make sure I had the name of Sue’s step-dad right and that it was the same as the guy the lady mentioned today. Okay, fine. Someone had added more information to Mary Walcott, did I want to add it to my tree? Mary Walcott and the Salem Witch trials.

So, I already knew I was related to Ann Putnam on my mom’s side. She’s my first cousin nine times removed.

But it turns out that Mary Walcott was also one of the accusers and she’s my 8th great aunt on my dad’s side.

Maybe, statistically, that’s not that weird, but it had me saying holy fuck for about five minutes. And it means that my 9th great grand uncle’s wife was the woman who taught Tituba how to bake a witch cake, whatever that is.

Clearly, I am related to the creepsters of history.

5 thoughts on “The Salem Witch Trials and Me

  1. I don’t know what to make of it. But upon further reading at Wikipedia, I’ve learned that witch cakes contain the pee of the bewitched. So, I’m not going to be making any of those any time soon.

  2. It’s very strange, but cool. I have plenty of dog hair and ashes. Maybe I should consider tracking down a bewitched person and stealing their pee.

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