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  1. Being from the deep South, we have a saying: “Some people NEED killing.”

    In this case, more than most – it applies.

    Someone recently muttered the words “I feel bad for Paterno” – my response was a quick “I don’t, he did nothing. Not part of the solution, he is part of the problem.”

    So, this is like 15 years? How many boys was this man in contact with in a year? Five per year? Times 15? That would be, what? 75 boys? I think the count right now is rather conservative. Just wait… the victim count will probably be staggering.*

    *I hope and pray I am wrong.

  2. Listening to the news coverage of this, I’m starting to wonder… what if Sandusky had been raping little girls? Or grown women? What would the reaction have been?

  3. O.C. I think that’s really hard to know. Not being a man, but just from the outside, it seems like this is one way in which a strongly hierarchical structure, like a profit-making football program (or the Church), in which people are already doing things that are painful and exploitative in order to “make them men” or “Improve their character” or “make them winners” makes it really difficult for men to deal with abuse against boys.

    They trust the hierarchy. Obviously, because they have devoted their lives to it. They don’t question the unseemly things they put up with already because it’s just how the thing works. And I think it’s very difficult for them, when confronted with wrong-doing against someone who also seems to belong to that hierarchy to stand up for them.

    This is not to excuse, by any means, what happened at Penn State, but I do think it’s important that we try to understand what’s happening psychologically so that we can warn people “Hey, you may freeze up like this. Prepare.” Or whatever.

    So, here’s my guess. My guess is that, if this were happening to grown women, it would have played out much like this–he would have been allowed to serially molest and rape women for years and it would have been hushed up, especially if those women were somehow associated with the football program.

    But I think that, if he’d been molesting little girls–who obviously are not a part of that hierarchy–people would have acted much sooner.

  4. I posed the “what if it were girls question” yesterday to the individual that expressed *feeling bad* for Paterno. Neither one of us came up with a solid idea of how it could/would have played out. But I think it would have come to light much sooner as well.

  5. Thinking about it more, I realize that “what if it were grown women” is already happening, in pretty much every college football program in the country. So, yeah. There’s that.

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