Is This Better or Worse?

Apparently people are fat because we’re just not as spiritually enlightened as thin people. Thanks, NPR! It’s not like I don’t already hear about how unhealthy I am, how gross I am, how undisciplined I am, how unlovable I am, etc. etc. etc. Now I’m out of touch with my own soul.

It’s interesting, in many contexts, how people’s desire and efforts to “help” situations reveal a lot that’s pretty ugly about their feelings about the people in those situations.

10 thoughts on “Is This Better or Worse?

  1. Oh for pete’s sake.

    How insecure must some thin people be, that they need to bend themselves into pretzels to come up with new ways to feel superior to us? What the hell is wrong with these people?

  2. Oh, for the love of all that is holy and several things that aren’t. Such promise with the simple statement, “Because our bodies are different.” Then a sharp turn into “But it’s still all your fault that you’re fat!”

    Also, “Mine releases hormones that lower my metabolism and cause me to burn calories less efficiently; I lay on reserves of fat,” is the exact opposite of the studies I’ve read, which suggest that those bodies which burn calories most efficiently are more likely to store what they don’t need in fat reserves.

    I have acquired an eyeroll strain injury.

  3. Yeah, I think I’ll pass on keeping up with more of what Alva Noe is thinking about how I need to learn to surf the waves of existence in order to get right with my soul so that I can lose weight. As I expect Noe will pass on the chance to keep up with more of what I’m thinking about Noe’s douchtastic crap passing as philosophy.

  4. There is an entire, expensive, rich as shit industry getting and staying that way because they’ve paid for studies that ZOMG THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC IS KILLING US ALL.

    So your doctor tells you you have to join a cult before they can mutilate you, and NPR tells you you’re just not ~spiritual~ enough, and the FA and HAES advocates shout into a void, because there’s no corporate benefit to teaching people to love their bodies and be healthy to the best of their individual ability irrespective of what those bodies look like.

    Some days the universe really bums me out.

  5. NPR has been sucking on a lot of things lately. It just hasn’t been the same since Archer Daniels Midland became an undewriter.

  6. Ahhhahahahaha!!!

    If there is one thing of which I am certain it would be that many of the most spiritual women I know are overweight.

    Because we nourish and nurture. We nourish our souls and those around us. We nourish minds and hearts and nurture bodies human, animal, vegetable, plant. We aren’t dumping whole thirds of our lives away in a quest for a body size. We’re too busy meeting God in all the corners of life.

    You surf away, Anna, waiting for waves to come to you. I’m quite happy going into the world to feed all parts of me and those around me.


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