People of Missouri,I Have Had It With You!

Before I get started on my righteous rant against you Missourians, let me just say that my dad called yesterday and he and my mom went and had lunch at my youngest nephew’s school. They had to sit at the little tables! Why are there no pictures?!

Okay, Missourians, I am calling you out! The Butcher just got back from St. Louis, where he went to this place called… perhaps you’ve heard of it? The City Museum? Oh, you just forgot to mention it? You thought you’d already told everyone about it?

Bullshit! You’ve been hogging it to yourselves. Fine, we’re going to get something really awesome here in non-Missouri and not mention it to you. See how you like it.

So, the City Museum, which the rest of us don’t know about because Missouri is hogging it, is this kind of interactive artistic jungle gym. All their materials come from old St. Louis buildings and thing that are being torn down and they’re reconstituted into art that you can climb around in or ride your skateboard over or what have you. There’s a plane! The Butcher showed me a plane he climbed up into. It’s only twelve dollars!

Ugh. I really want to go. Even if my twelve dollars would be mostly wasted because I am afraid of heights.

4 thoughts on “People of Missouri,I Have Had It With You!

  1. We folks from St. Louis are like that. We never brag on our city, or mention that we are the world’s best baseball fans, or anything!

  2. Missouri hogs so many good things. And their state legislators are as ridiculous as our own at times. I need to go up there this winter to see my little grandma.

  3. You’d have to try and get past your fear of heights, because how else are you going to go down the ten-story slide? Or into the school bus parked on the roof? Or climb up the neck of a gigantic metal preying mantis (which my boyfriend insisted on doing Spiderman-style)?

    One problem I had when I was in St. Louis was that whenever a group of us decided to go there, it was always at a time when I was inappropriately dressed. It IS possible to climb up a giant slinky into the airplane while wearing a dress and sandals, but I would highly recommend against it.

    If there are any other lawyers or people with legal backgrounds reading this, the City Museum building is the former International Shoe building. Yes, as in International Shoe v. Washington, the bane of every first year Civil Procedure student. The slides were shoe shafts!

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