Another Reason Not to Molest Children

I mean, my god, if you can’t refrain from molesting children because it’s wrong and illegal and an incredible abuse of power and unbelievably damaging to the kids, the least you can do is not molest children so that you won’t have to be upset when you friends who cover for you have some hard times because of it.

I keep thinking of two of the mothers I’ve read about. The one who filed the complaint in ’98 and got Sandusky to admit on the phone while the police could hear it, that he did indeed touch her son. That nothing came of that. I cannot imagine. I just cannot imagine your son having the courage to come to you and tell you something is wrong, you go to the police, you work with the police and you get this guy to admit he showers with young boys–your son specifically–and that he touched him, and nothing comes of it. He goes on to molest other kids.

She did every single right thing and then she still had to watch him go on his merry way, continuing to molest children.

The other mother is the biological mother of a kid Sandusky adopted. I’ve not seen too much about her except that she thought something was going wrong with her son, but she couldn’t get anyone to take her seriously because, after all, she’d lost custody of him so severely that he was adopted away from her.

The idea that a child molester could become the legal parent of a child whose mother thinks something is not right with the guy is a nightmare. My heart just hurts for her. Whatever she was going through that caused her to lose custody of her child, her instincts when it counted were right, and it didn’t matter.

The stain spreads, you know?

6 thoughts on “Another Reason Not to Molest Children

  1. if the cops took a report and did nothing it was probably because they feared to rock the boat
    the cops and chief should be in jail too

  2. This whole thing makes me want to hulk smash every five minutes and it just gets worse.
    There are days I want to fire people into the heart of the sun.

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