Here Is Why I Don’t Believe The ‘Orgy’ Accusation at Occupy Nashville

Most people have phones with cameras. So, if you saw your ideological enemy engaged in a behavior that would discredit a movement you don’t agree with, why wouldn’t you take a picture of it? Send it out to the media? Hell, even FoxNews? You’re witnessing an orgy right outside your office window conducted by people you want gone from outside your office window and you don’t get evidence?

Okay, fine, maybe seeing a blow job would be too startling for you to think of grabbing your phone.

But where are the pictures of the poop? Of the overwhelming trash?

Let’s be frank. Bill Hobbs was not down there for his health or to offer his support to the protesters. He was hoping to get images or a story that would discredit them, at least until the governor decided to start arresting journalists.

No, I think there are no pictures because there’s nothing to have pictures of.

This is just some urban legend shit. “Everyone” “knows” how “slutty” liberal women are and how dirty liberals are, so you can just say there’s something happening without having to offer up proof.

Well, until these conservative legislators and their staff provide some proof, I’m going to believe they were just looking for excuses to bully people they didn’t like.

When It Sucks Being Right

All along I’ve said that there will be more victims. Sandusky started his charity in ’77. By ’98, he had a smooth m.o. and was willing to admit illegal acts to the mother of his victim. That says to me that he, himself, had a way things went and that he knew, pretty clearly, how things went when people suspected him of wrong-doing. He was comfortable enough with his chances of not being arrested that he felt he could tell a mother of one of his victims what he’d done to her son and that he would not stop doing it to other boys.

In other words, the kid in ’98 was not his first victim. Not even close.

There will be more.

This is a guy very, very comfortable in his hunting area and technique who felt himself, obviously rightly so, above the bounds of society and the rule of law.

Will it be along these lines? I pray not. But you start to wonder why he was bringing boys to the Penn State locker room to shower in the first place. Was it so that he would be observed in the hopes that those observers would join in?

This, folks, is why they had to fire Joe Paterno. At the end of the day, people entrust their young men to Paterno. If he has no drive to keep kids safe, if hearing about a little boy being raped doesn’t cause him to launch into full-on “I will end you” rage, just how broken is his moral compass? No, practically, the question the Penn State Board had to ask themselves is “If he learns of this and does next to nothing what things might be going on in his program that he’s overlooking?”

I mean, I keep hearing people say “Well, he did what he was supposed to do. He reported it up the chain of command.” But I want you to think for a second. This is one of the most powerful men in the Penn State system. When they tried to force him to retire a few years ago, he just said “No,” and there he stayed. Imagine, imagine being so powerful that when your ostensible superiors come to you and tell you they want you to step down, you say “No” and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Stay in that space for a second, imagining having that kind of power.

Now say you learned about a guy raping children, a guy who was endangering your life’s work by raping children through luring them with access to your life’s work. A guy you thought was your friend just betraying the shit out of you and acting like a monster to small children.

Would you call the police before or after you had your football team stomp the shit out of that dude?

See, it’s not even a question of calling the police. What is the university going to do to you if you call the police? Try to ask you to step down again? Please, the moral high ground you’d have would be so high you could sit on your front porch and wave to the folks on Mount Olympus.

The question would be–do you unleash the dozens of humongous men at your beck and call to beat that dude into a pulp first? Or do you deny yourself the satisfaction of that in order to protect them from possible arrest?

The fact that neither of those things happened, frankly, shows that Paterno is a sick fuck, too. On par with Sandusky? No, but god damn, that’s not saying much.