The Buchanan Station Cemetery

Today I went out to the Buchanan Station Cemetery and it blew my mind. I was with a couple of people kind enough to serve as tour guides and history gurus, so I didn’t just stand there with mouth agape, but people, I wanted to. The cemetery is just off Elm Hill Drive, along Massman, tucked in an industrial park. The stones are mostly that old, thin shape.

A small group of people in town is worried about protecting and preserving the cemetery. It is, after all, one of the oldest cemeteries in Davidson County and filled with a family who pretty much saved Nashville from destruction in its early years.

The thing I hate and that breaks my heart about Nashville is that so much good stuff from our past just gets torn down or neglected until it has to be torn down. It’s like, if it doesn’t fit this genteel myth, it doesn’t get to exist. But those first European settlers were something else.

And the cemetery is full of trees. And you know those folks weren’t buried in concrete boxes. Which means you can literally go and stand among the Buchanans, while what’s left of them on earth stretches up towards the sun.

So, I don’t know if it can be protected. It’s right on Mill Creek, but the Mill Creek Greenway is way, way, way upstream. If we waited for this to come up to it, it’d never happen. But if from here to the river were a greenway? Oh, Nashville, I just wish you’d do something with this.

Why Debunking Things Does No Good

These folks went to the effort of finding my photo and using it without permission, but did not bother to worry for one second about the words surrounding said photo. It is literally too good a story to pass up, even if someone demonstrates that you can’t just stuff a vodka-soaked tampon in your vagina with the same ease as taking a shot.

So, yes, I find it hilarious and sad that my photo debunking the vodka-shot myth is used to illustrate a story passing off the vodka-shot myth as true.

This is why we can’t have nice things, right here.