Didn’t We Already Have an Indian Summer This Year?

It was too warm to wear a jacket when I walked the dog this morning, but I didn’t want to be walking on the road without wearing bright yellow. The walk was pretty miserable.

Last night, when I let the dog out for the last time, she was startled by silver-dollar sized toads hopping across the front yard. I admit, I found them startling as well.

I don’t know if night toads are an omen of any sort, but I definitely feel like they’re a sign of strange weather.

7 thoughts on “Didn’t We Already Have an Indian Summer This Year?

  1. I was driving out Franklin Pike this morning, thinking how sad it was that the weekend’s winds took away the last of the leaves and how colorless the world was about to become. Then I rounded a corner and there was long line of pink rosebushes in full bloom! And I don’t mean a few blossoms, but a massive hedge, covered in huge roses. It was gorgeous but felt really distorted, like time and space had folded or something.

  2. Jane, I think it smells almost like tornado weather out there.

    Bridgett, that’s what the Butcher said when I told him they seemed to be headed toward Nashville.

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