More on the Buchanans

I have a post over at Pith for you history-minded people. I went with Guild’s account rather than Ridley’s because Ridley calls George “Findleston” rather than “Finalson” and says that Joseph DuRat is a “halfbreed.” But I think that Guild is right that George’s last name is “Finalson” which does indeed sound like something that might be an English translation of a Native American name, and that George is the guy with Indian relatives. Which is not to say that DuRat might not have as well.

Anyway, other than marrying Demonbreun’s lover, this is pretty much it for historical records of DuRat.

Also, on Saturday, the people who showed me around the cemetery told me that Sarah Buchanan was said to be 300 lbs, but like shot-putter 300 lbs. Supposedly she could leap from a standing position onto the back of a horse.

I really love Tennessee women. It’s all misbehaving and flouting left and right.

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  1. From his line of work and the timing, I’d guess he’s Scottish (or Scots-Irish). Many early Scots traders had biracial kids, though — if he’s younger, he could have had a Scottish dad and a Cherokee mom. I’d have to look more carefully at the records to find out.

  2. Think you’ve got the wrong name. Department of War records, Jefferson Papers, and Virginia State Papers have the guy’s name as Richard Findleston. He was half-Cherokee, half-Scot — he shows up a lot in the bloody intercultural wars of the 1790s and was suspected of being a British double-agent, a Spanish double-agent, or an Indian double-agent. His wife and kids lived with the Chickamaugua at Nickajack and they were killed in the massacre there. Quite a character.

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