3 thoughts on “Missouri Tries to Get Back in My Good Graces

  1. You’ve been linked, quoted, and judged – all in the same short paragraph. I love it.

    Look at the bright side – with 2 strikes already, any foul balls you hit won’t count against you. Yep: foul balls.

  2. Hee, foul balls.

    I’m doing my best to refrain from leaving a comment that says, “Learn to fact check, Ian Froeb. I do too blog about my cats.” But I don’t know if he’d get that I was joking.

  3. From my time in St. Louis I remember the Riverfront Times as having a variety of personal and professional ads for a variety of erotic interests so I think you should be proud that Mr. Froeb picked you over trying to find an expert from the back pages of his publication. :)

    I wish I had a coherent foul balls reference to make.

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