11 thoughts on “I Could Not Be More Excited About This!

  1. Man, that’s so sad. I’ve heard of people losing their sense of smell before, but I’ve never heard of someone so abruptly losing his good taste in music.

  2. I’m going to have to start a non-profit devoted to coming up with a cure for people who don’t like The Doors, aren’t I? I feel like that’s the direction this thread is already taking.

  3. I’ve never heard of someone so abruptly losing his good taste in music.

    I discovered Coltrane at about that time. I consider that a great trade.

  4. Aunt B, please tell me you’ve seen Jimmy Fallon as Jim Morrison, singing the theme song to Reading Rainbow (from last Friday night, I think). That video could be used as the first step to curing people who don’t like the Doors.

  5. I am speechless. That is the best thing I have ever seen, though perhaps, NOT going to convince Andy that The Doors aren’t a children’s band.

  6. I didn’t say children’s band. I meant more that their appeal sort of tapers off as the late teens come towards a close. They were great when I was 17. I’ve ready Danny Sugerman’s bio of The Doors a few times.

    And Ray Manzarek’s left hand was one of the better bassists of the late 60’s rock scene.

    Still, meh. Between take ’em or leave ’em, I can easily leave ’em. I had all of their CDs up until recently when I realized I hadn’t cracked the case on any of them for at least 12 years. There’s simply a lot more out there for me that I find more compelling. I don’t do “overwrought” very well, which is pretty much the same thing that had me falling out of love (and even like, for that matter) with Nirvana.

  7. There’s also the issue of the way they got more unintentionally ridiculous as Morrison began to take himself more seriously.

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