Did I Have a Good Idea?

One thing about a state like Tennessee, you’re never sure when you say something like this whether it spurred someone to try something like this. Could have been something I said. Could have been that it was just utterly obvious. Either way, I’m glad to see Democrats proposing something.

But, on the off chance it’s my influence, I’m kind of pissed that I didn’t blog last week that Democratic leaders should come clean my bathroom.

Or make me cookies.

Yes, I am all for democracy until I start to dwell on the fact that being dictator would mean people would have to bring me cookies whenever I wanted, which would be frequently.

Really, it shows why dictatorships don’t quite work–even when you’re joking about being one, your mind immediately goes to how you’d abuse being dictator for your own gains. It probably also shows why it’s hard to pass dictatorships down to your kids. If they’ve never wanted for anything, how can they have the drive necessary to boss everyone around? Being a dictator is going to turn you into a sociopath, but your kids will start out there.

Still… cookies.


4 thoughts on “Did I Have a Good Idea?

  1. Oh, sure, wait until AFTER my bathroom is clean to volunteer to start following my orders!

    Y’all can make me chocolate chip cookies or just keep working on putting people back to work. Either one makes me very happy.

  2. “Being a dictator is going to turn you into a sociopath, but your kids will start out there.”

    That explains Haslam and Bush 43 doesn’t it?

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