is a Thing!

And some day, I will have! If I have to become a super villain to do it, I will! (My origin story is, I know, incredibly stupid. But really, what does Lex Luther have to be so pissed about? “Oh, I’m rich. Boo hoo hoo!” I can’t get a .com I want. That’s at least a real thing.)

Doesn’t it look great? I’m doing a little tidying, trying to make sure it says just what I want it to say. But I love how it looks. My favorite thing is that, when I have a tab open for it in Firefox, there’s a darling “b” on the tab. It’s just a nice touch.

7 thoughts on “ is a Thing!

  1. From reading incompletely I first thought that it said is ~The~ Thing.

    So I was trying to figure out how a dot-net would go around rubbing legs under a table and chasing people. I need more caffeine.

    Once you have the dot-com you will own the internets…..

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