1867! 1867!

I am done with 1865, which is a relief, as I found it crammed full of crap. A ton of stuff has to happen in 1867, too–the finding of the cave, the death of a dog, the death of a wife, Ben Allen’s 12th birthday. Ha, yes, waiting around for Ben to get old enough to be a character. Sue’s off being married, becoming a widow, getting kissed in the privates by her cousin’s evil husband, rescuing people, commanding ghost armies, getting half-kidnapped by PSTD’d Union soldiers, and on and on. Her future husband is a child.

Ha, not that she’s not. But her future husband is my youngest nephew’s age. He’s all wanting to shoot at things and play football and be Mr. Sassypants. I assume Ben is similar. Sue’s already run into him once, but she was so busy being a medium and flirting with Lee Overton, that she didn’t notice. I plan on sticking him in the cave with her but I imagine he’ll be being a doofus, as my nephew would be if you took him to a magical cave. It will be weird to see them married in 20 years. Even weirder for Lee. Is there a greater age difference in a smaller number of years than the difference between 12 and 17?

This is why you don’t go to the future to pout. Or, shoot, if you do, spend some of that time in the future researching what happened to the people you knew in the past, so that you’re not caught off guard when you get back to the past with your meth-addled killer son. Oh, I guess I should have spoiler alerted that. There’s a meth-addled killer son.

I’m sad because I think the meth-addled killer son is going to have to kill the Macon women, whom I’ve just spent three chapters locating, rescuing, and reuniting. But the murders need to hit very close to home for Sue. So, some of the dead people need to be people Sue and therefore we are invested in. And I’ve got to work in The Thing. It may make its first appearance here in ’67. We’ll see.