Things are Not Well With the Dog

I got home and discovered two piles of poop in the kitchen, a small pile in the dining room, and a small pile by the front door. One of the piles was surrounded by an ocean of pee. In my bedroom was a huge pile of vomit, which was mostly dog food.

This was after she was barking hysterically and ran out the second I got home to poop some more. A half an hour ago she had to go out to poop again.

The weird thing is that, other than that, she appears to be fine. She’s in good spirits. She has her usual energy. I did the dehydration test and she’s cool there (you pinch their loose neck skin and if it stays upright, that can be a sign of dehydration). Her abdomen doesn’t feel weird or distended. And the poop, though a little loose, wasn’t diarrhea. No blood anywhere. Her eyes seem a little goopy, but they always seem a little goopy.

I’m at a loss. I guess I’m going to give it overnight to see what happens. Honestly, judging by how much food is in her bowl and how much poop and vomit I cleaned up, there can’t be much left in her system. But if it continues after tonight, I’ll have to get her in to the vet.

I’m hoping she just ate something that disagreed with her, but I don’t know what that would be other than cat poop, since we’ve been stuck in the house because of the rain. And she’s not a big cat poop eater. I hope I didn’t poison her cleaning the stove or something.

Ugh, dogs. I can’t wait until they can tell you what’s wrong with them.

It Goes How You Thought It Would Go

Sandusky’s own grandson may be one of his victims. My dad and I were talking about this over the holiday and I told him how it seems like there’s some level at which these guys just don’t think what they’re doing is wrong and if only they can explain it, you’ll see. And, sure, they may understand that they have to downgrade “putting my dick in a child’s ass” to “horseplay in the showers,” but it’s like they still think there’s some way they can frame it so you’ll understand it as not wrong.

It’s not quite the same thing as trying to hide what they’re doing.

And my dad said, “Yeah, they’re always trying to see what will work.” And it kind of hit me that part of how this whole thing works is that they’re not just grooming the victims to accept it; they’re grooming the people around them to accept it.

Anyway, it hurts my heart to think about it. Say Uncle has a couple of good posts (this new one which links to an old one) about his experience counseling pedophiles and I have to say that I agree. I don’t think that they think there’s anything inherently wrong with what they’re doing.

Honestly, there are people who are in prison for life for killing people I’d be more comfortable having back out on the streets than child molesters. I just don’t believe very many of them can be rehabilitated.

The Dog and I Learn the Effectiveness of Berms

I have to say that having W. out to the house to walk me around the yard and help me really see how things are sloped and why I have water where I do has paid off in making me more attentive to the whole part of my neighborhood that I walk. And today I had the kind of walk where I wished W. was with me in some official capacity because I need someone with some impressive letterhead to write to AT&T.

So, it’s been raining here on and off for a couple of weeks. I live in a low spot, though, and it’s not been raining enough to make my yard useless. The usual parts of the front yard are, but the back yard it still solid. So, off the dog and I go on our morning walk and it is literally a bog behind the AT&T building. I mean, I step on what looks like solid ground and I’m sinking up to the tops of my feet in water. It’s always a little boggy right by the corner where their lot starts, but this is like NOTHING I’ve ever seen back there, not even after the flood. The ground doesn’t get solid again until you get by the big tree.

Now, the AT&T building is in an unfortunate spot. It’s barely noticeable from Lloyd, but Lloyd is going slightly up hill so there’s a good four feet difference in elevation between the stop sign and the far corner of the AT&T lot along Lloyd. We have to climb up to get out of their yard. So, not surprising that there’d be water there.

We decide to walk back along the edge of the AT&T building’s fence (the fence is right up by the building and then their lot, which we normally walk across, extends out a great way) figuring that the AT&T building must be on the highest spot in the lot or they’d be constantly fighting water. In this way, we hoped to avoid the bog. We were mostly successful.

I noticed two interesting things. 1. The people two houses down (not my neighbor’s neighbor, but their neighbor) have a berm in their back yard, that runs along the border of their lot and the AT&T lot. It has trees on it and a flower bed. It looked to be successful in keeping their yard fairly un-waterlogged. 2. How the dog and I walk, we’re going very, very, slightly uphill to the back of our lot and then walking what feels to me to be even through the far far backs of people’s yards into the AT&T yard. But it turns out that the way we walked home reveals that the AT&T yard is in a slight depression and you walk slightly uphill to get into my neighbor’s yard and then down hill back into mine. This very slight rise peters out at the back of his lot, meaning that, ordinarily, that rise is enough to keep the water in the AT&T yard and possibly draining into the creek. But with enough water, that rise acts as a chute to channel water right into my yard as we saw in the flood.

I also see rock in the bottom of the creek where it is now. I can’t tell, since I can’t get close to it, if these a the same kinds of big slabs of rock that are under Dry Fork Creek,but it does look like the creek has a hard bottom before it turns to concrete in my yard. Since I’ve planted trees in my yard and had trees uproot in my yard, I can tell you that I definitely don’t have rock in my yard as shallow as it appears to be in the creek.

So, again, I’m left wondering if the creek isn’t trying to change course. I think it may be trying to make a jump into the AT&T yard and come down the back of our lots (a move of less than six or seven feet) and then come down the north side of my lot instead of the south.

If that’s the case, I think we’re losing.

But I would like for someone to convince AT&T to put some willows in the marshy part of their yard. Hell, they’re less than $30 a pop.

AT&T, I would pay for and plant three willows in your marshy part, if you’d let me. I don’t know if it’d solve our problems, but it would at least help.

Also, that’s me on the security footage with the dog and this post explains why we were so close.