How Long ’til My Soul Gets it Right?

I know there are only so many things a person can do in their lifetimes, but I’m still sometimes weirded out to learn thing–like today I learned that I have a great uncle sitting in the national cemetery down in Chattanooga, since that’s where they stuck him after he died of small pox during the Civil War.

But more than that, I learned that Luke’s son, Charles, and his brother-in-law, Edwin Weston (Rhoda’s husband) defended Decatur, Alabama, against General Hood, then at New Market (I’m assuming Alabama) and then they sat in Mufreesboro guarding supplies. After the war, they were stationed in Huntsville for a while and then in Nashville. Charles went home due to epilepsy and Edwin went on down to New Orleans.

It’s weird to think of my uncles knocking around this area a hundred and fifty years ago. Weirder still that we’ve ended up, of all the places we might end up, so near to where they had their wartime adventures.

I can’t remember what else I was going to say about this all. Just that I’m glad to be in contact with distant cousins who can tell me this shit.

The Christmas Cold is Disgusting

One of my eyelids is all puffed up like… I don’t know… something puffy. It hurts to breathe. I keep hacking up things that look like they could cross-breed with slugs. My eyes won’t stop watering. The skin under my eyes is really itchy. Every once in a while my nose just randomly runs. I have to go to the bathroom constantly and I’m hungry like you wouldn’t believe.

I mean, it’s gross, don’t get me wrong. It’s so gross. But in honor of “Bodies doing fucked up body shit” here at Tiny Cat Pants, I have to admit, it’s kind of amazing. Like, whoa, this is just a mild way bodies do fucked up shit, you know? And it’s pretty spectacularly disgusting.

Weirdly, even though I’m clearly in worse physical condition than yesterday, I’m feeling better.

Ha, here’s a way in which things have not turned out well for the dog. So, twice last night she was standing in the kitchen crying and twice last night I got up to let her out and I kind of thought “Oh my god, if the shits are back, I don’t even know, because I am too sick to care.” But it’s not like I could stand around and see what she was doing out there.

And then this morning, I realize, she has no food. Ha ha ha. That will teach her to complain in the middle of the night. Any middle of the night complaints gets you tossed outside. She will have to judge carefully whether complaining to tired, sick apes who can’t understand her is worth it.