I’m Leaving You for the Gal in the Lavender Dress

Oh, sweet and tender Jesus, I’m running away with Joan Osborne, if she ever asks me to. I fully expect to spend sleepy mornings disentangling our curls. That is all.

Okay, it’s not all. I also wanted to say that this song below came up in my shuffle and it reminded me of just how great that whole album was except for “One of us.” Seriously, you know how you love buying music online because it means you can buy the one good song off an album? In this case, you can buy all of the good songs and skip the bad one. So, yes, Relish. I’ve been thinking about the year they had Neko Case in the Oxford American Southern Music Issue and how I was wishing they’d make even a half-hearted attempt at justifying it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am so very ready to lay claim to “Furnace Room Lullaby” in some tangential way, even if it’s just “I live in the South so I’m kind of Southern and this sounds like it should be Southern so it’s mine!”

But I contend that Relish was the perfect Southern album, that everything about it gets at how it feels to live in the South right now. No nostalgia, exactly. Just the kinds of emotions you feel in a place with tall pines and windows open to catch an imaginary breeze.

I’ve long thought this song was about a girl going to find her dad, but when I heard it today, I wondered if it wasn’t about a girl going off in search of her mother’s dad.

Back to the Living

I stink. I have eye gunk on top of eye gunk. But I slept through the night without having to get up and take more medicine and I woke myself up worried about all the crap I have to do at work, so I’m going to try to go in at least for part of the day.

I wish y’all could see the new kitty in her winter coat. She is literally twice her normal size. She’s sitting on top of the couch and she looks just as wide across as the dog, but when you go to pet her, your hand sinks in like four inches of fur. I hope she sheds all that outside in the spring.

Also, did I dream this. Did the Fake Governor take Governor Baby out four-wheeling? Was that actually a story while I was sick or did I just make it up?