Twain is a Close Second

But after studying this for a while, I’ve decided the best picture of a writer and his cat is William Carlos Williams, who somehow manages to look slightly confused and debonair with a crotch full of kittens.

I also feel like I may have had a brief affair with Philip K. Dick in a former life.

Blue-Left, Green-Right

Holy cow, I completely forgot to tell you the niftiest thing my eye doctor did. So I went to get my yearly contacts and rather than just putting a little dot on the right one, which always washes away in a couple of weeks, she’s now started ordering two different color contacts–a blue one for your left eye, and a green one for your right.

My great fear of sticking the wrong contact in the wrong eye has now been completely nullified. I’ve been trying to see if I thought my right eye were slightly greener, but it appears to make no difference.

Cooter Psychic?

I feel like this not-safe-for-work link proves that I am a cooter psychic. There are so few things about which one needs a cooter psychic, but I will attempt to live up to my gift.

Here are some other psychic cooter predictions!

1. Unless you are in physical discomfort, you do not need surgery to “fix” your labia. They come in all different shapes and sizes, looking different ways.

2. Yes, even your cooter is nifty.

3. The next trend? Cooter birthmarks.

The future is getting fuzzy. That’s all I can see for now.