Twain is a Close Second

But after studying this for a while, I’ve decided the best picture of a writer and his cat is William Carlos Williams, who somehow manages to look slightly confused and debonair with a crotch full of kittens.

I also feel like I may have had a brief affair with Philip K. Dick in a former life.

9 thoughts on “Twain is a Close Second

  1. Interesting how many of these writers didn’t do that well with Other People. Is it the writing, the cat-loving, or the combination of the two, wonder.

  2. NM, it’s your typical “boy meets girl, boy shows girl his writing, girl suggests maybe ‘robots’ not ‘cats’ and his ego can’t handle it. They break up. She consoles herself by planning to be born. He later decides she was almost right.” story.

  3. Phillip K. Dick….fwoar! Why are the crazy ones always so hot? I’m jealous of your alternate universe affair.

    I think I was Patricia Highsmith in a former life. And I love Siamese kitties, so I liked how many of the writers had them.

  4. 1. Rod McKuen is getting instructions telepathically from one of the Masters of the Universe.
    2. I expect Stephen King’s cat to suddenly grow 2ft fangs and rip someone apart.

  5. Kosh iii, I assume the cat has like 96 more legs, but is positioned so that we can’t see that it’s a literal caterpillar or something equally freaky.

    NM, thanks. I’d forgotten all about it until seeing that picture and realizing he looked like someone I would have behaved ridiculously about.

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