I Just Realized…

I already knew I go towards something, even though it’s only necessary to go toward it. I learned that little tick working on the first book.

But I just realized, writing an email, that I unthaw things. And I think I use it like an action verb. So, I would take the chicken out to thaw, but I would unthaw it. But “unthaw” should mean the same as “freeze” right? If I’m going to unthaw water, I should end up with ice cubes.

Is this a Midwestern thing or am I an idiot?

Ha, let’s just focus on whether it’s a Midwestern thing.

12 thoughts on “I Just Realized…

  1. My boyfriend, who spent his formative years in Oklahoma but lived a lot of other places, frequently says “dethaw”. Drives me buggy since, as you said, it technically means to freeze.

  2. I’m a Midwesterner and I’ve never heard anyone say “unthaw” (though my spellcheck didn’t highlight it, so I’m going to say yes, unthaw as a verb is a thing). However, I’ve only recently realized I have a lot of “southernism” woven throughout my speech thanks to my grandmother. “In bed” or “In the bed,” as in “She’s still in the bed/in bed?” I’ve been told “in the bed” is a southern thing, which is we’ve always said. Pen and pin also sound the same to me.

  3. I have heard relatives say “unthaw” my entire life and didn’t even think about its actual meaning until I moved down here (from Chicago, the midwest) and had people look at me funny when I said it. So I’m going with it being a midwestern thing. :)

  4. You’re turning into George Carlin (park in driveway, drive on parkway).

    I say inflammable, but only when I’m nonplussed.

  5. I never remember hearing ‘unthaw’ growing up in the South but that may be more of a function of generations than anything else.

    As Silversalty points out, we have flammable and inflammable among other grammatical curiosities.

    Just a guess but could this go back to a marketing effort from the early days of electric ranges? I could see a manufacturer in the 40s or so opting for the word ‘unthaw’ instead of ‘thaw’ on the premise that people would be more impressed by it than by ‘defrost.’ The manufacturer might have been operating in the Mid-West.

  6. Mark, no we definitely also defrost stuff, but almost exclusively things that have ice on them. Like you might need to defrost your freezer from time to time.

    I’m going to have to spring “unthaw” on my parents and see if they say it.

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