The Impending Deer Skull

So, even though I live in Tennessee and even though I know people who claim to be gun nuts, my attempts to track down a deer skull with antlers to put in my room has been filled with “Why don’t you get your license and shoot your own deer?”

Well, dear gun nuts, if I wanted to stand around smelling like deer piss for days at a time while praying for death as an end to my boredom, I guess I could do that.

Or I could finally think to mention my heart’s desire to my gun nut brother, who asked what I wanted for Christmas and when I told him said, “But what do you want that costs money?”

So, my brother is going to procure a deer skull for me and then we’re going to meet up in Chattanooga, home of David L. Ransom, who is our 2nd Great Grand Uncle, since he was married to Juliette Phillips until he died in Bridgeport, Alabama during the Civil War. He didn’t get shot or anything. He caught smallpox. But after the War, they dug him up and settled him in Chattanooga, where he has been ever since. My brother and I thought it might be nice to go and introduce ourselves and pay our respects, since he probably hasn’t had visitors in some time.

I’m excited.

5 thoughts on “The Impending Deer Skull

  1. Now I can stop eyeing the deer corpses beside the road wondering if the head is in a yank off-able state. And how long it would take before they would be in a mail-able state. And what the fine would be if Parks and Wildlife found me in possesion of an un-tagged deer head.

    Ever since you mentioned wanting one I’ve been vaguely wondering if I could get one to you. Now I’ll just shift to snagging one for myself.

  2. Oh lord, would you have had to pack it in dry ice?

    But you see my frustration. Deer are constantly dying in this state. How hard can it be to get the skull of one?

  3. I was thinking more of hanging it in a tree until it wasn’t gross. I have space to avoid the stink and in a tree so the dogs don’t eat it.

    And apparently my dogs either surf the internet or read my mind because what’s in the front field this morning but a deer head with antlers?!

    But the antlers are still in velvet which is very wrong-I think they should be getting close to shedding now. So someone was poaching early and stored it in the freezer? And the dogs have chewed one set of antlers to nubs. But for dogs it was a good try.

  4. But how big would that freezer have had to be?! Well, I guess he could have butchered everything and just set the head aside.

    Ugh. People.

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