If today is any indication for how the rest of the year will be, it will be strange, full of surprising things, the Civil War, good news, and bad news.

Ha, well, so even though today felt like a weird start, spelling it out makes it clear it will be very similar to every other year of my life!

It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Well, the world’s not actually going to end in 2012. It’d be hard to even wipe all 7 billion of us off the planet, frankly. The odds of some people surviving are just enormously high. Plus, it’s a big, old planet. Even if we die, the bugs will eat our bones and never miss us.

I think, frankly, it’s the thought of that we can’t stomach–that we’ve done all this and, if we vanished tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter.

Ha, this is why we must work to ensure the survival of something that can tell stories (I’m working on crows. I hope others of you are working on octopuses.), so at least we can be the scary spirits that lived in the rocks.

Well, shoot, that was depressing.

2012. Let’s hope it’s a good one.