The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In that “Let’s be vague so as to not jinx it” way, things are looking good for Sarah Clark and Big Harpe’s head. I’ll have more as I have more.

My parents had hoped to get to Dixon, Kentucky to take a picture of the sign where Big Harpe’s head was posted on the side of 41, but the weather’s turned bad, so they’re just hurrying home.

The dog pooped in the Butcher’s bed this morning. After I let her out twice last night. I can’t rouse anyone at the vet’s. Their answering machine says that they’re open, but I wonder if something came up–like maybe the vet is there doing appointments, but she gave her staff the day off?–because I’ve called a million times.

The worst part is that we had the dog in the car all yesterday. She rode with us clear to Shiloh and she was letting farts that would have taken the paint off a house, but she refused to poop. I mean, it was even obvious that she had to poop, the way she was walking and holding her tail, but she just tried to kill us with her farts instead.

And then this.

I’m worried, folks. I think whatever is wrong is clear-up-able. But I know some day it won’t be. And that just makes me so sad.

I love that dog. I aspire to take as much pleasure in happiness as she does.

The Last I’m Going to Say on the Matter

I feel bad for Clarisse Thorn. Especially now seeing commenters over at Feministe talking about how she needs to atone for… honestly… I don’t know what.

Was it a strange thing for Thorn to post an interview with a guy who claims to be a feminist who tried to kill his ex-girlfriend? Yes. Was it wrong of her to close down the thread as people were growing more angry and concerned about whether Feministe was now going to start centering and helping to normalize and legitimize a feminist who tried to kill his ex-girlfriend? Yes.

But, honestly, how was Thorn supposed to have known about the long-standing factional war against Schwyzer, Marcotte, et al?

Schwyzer? He’s an asshole who should be given NO institutional credibility by other feminist sites. End of discussion about that. If it wasn’t clear before, it should be now.

But at this point, looking at how people are talking to and about Thorn? I can’t help but see that part of it is that Schwyzer, Marcotte, et al have never responded in an adequate way to their various shortcomings (and let’s be honest, in some cases–excluding criminal and borderline criminal acts–if you can’t be sorry enough, why be sorry at all?) and have stopped responding at all, and poor Thorn is still trying to engage, so she’s become the focus of a lot of long-simmering rage that she didn’t earn.

How is that something to feel good about? What is the end goal with that?