Something’s worth raising an eyebrow at here. For me, this continues to get at the fundamental problem Tennessee Democrats have. Even when we’re not terrible at talking the talk, we do not walk the walk.

We’re all for transparency and inclusion until we want to make secret decisions. We’re all “where were the women?” in the redistricting decision, but we don’t support women politicians and candidates.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love y’all very much, but I heard a lot of squawking yesterday about how the Republicans are going after some of our very awesome liberal women Dems. And they are. And it sucks.

But in the vast scheme of things, we could put all our very awesome women Democratic politicians in my living room and still have room. With a solid Republican majority, those politicians aren’t really a threat to them.

So, why go after them?

Because they’ve seen that other Democrats will not defend them. There’s no downside for the Republicans to take to its logical end how Democrats already act.

So, yeah, it sucks. But until Democrats stick together and help each other–even the ones people have decided shouldn’t or can’t win–and to do the things we say are important–like transparency–how are things going to be different?

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  2. Why expand the term if the position is basically uncontested?

    Is there presently anyone other than Chip Forrester who wants that seat?

  3. Who knows? I don’t necessarily think this is particularly about Chip, but damn, I do think it’s about aiding in entrenching people right at a moment when we need change.

  4. That’s no joke. It’d actually be good to see more (read: wholesale) turnover on the EC, actually.

  5. We are trying hard to try and get them to change the Districts that Our Liberal Women are in. They have paired 3 of them with Liberal men ( Jones/Stewart and Richardson/Parkinson and Cooper/Hardaway) and In Hamilton County paired Brown and Favors. They didn’t pair Janis Sontany with anyone but they changed her District in Considerably. We plan on offering Amendments to the plan to correct these deficiency’s and others involving Race on Tuesday.

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