Two Things that Made Me Happy

1. Naomi Wise was a person. Her being really murdered sucks, but she was a real person!

2. My mom said of A City of Ghosts, “The best thing about a hard copy is rediscovering stories. Some excellent ones fade and come back even better.” Wow. Thanks, Mom.

And 2a. I see that some stranger on the internet says–

“A City of Ghosts” isn’t like anything else I’ve read. It isn’t ghost stories that are fiction intended to scare you, like in the “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” books I read years ago. The stories aren’t stories in the sense of plot or characterization.

It’s a guided tour of Nashville’s haunted spot, and at each location, you discover its ghost and learn a bit of that ghost’s tale.

At first, I found myself wishing the author had filled the tales in more, expanded them, answered all of the questions. By the time I finished the book, I was glad that she hadn’t. Each tale is what it is; it felt like the tales were more true by not being embroidered or “enhanced”. Her approach gives the tales a feel of authenticity.

I found myself carrying this book with me everywhere, because whenever I had a few free minutes, I could pop back into the book and enjoy more of the haunted spots in Nashville. It was a wonderful read.

Holy shit, internet stranger, that is so very kind.


6 thoughts on “Two Things that Made Me Happy

  1. Yay, this is my very first e-book (I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas)! I think they just download it directly, is that true? I haven’t checked yet. But am very excited to read it, I would have purchased one in Nashville, but you were all sold out, remember?

  2. I know! That was so wild. Sold out!

    Ha, I’m glad we can talk about happy crap, because I’m having the kind of day that calls for being reminded of happy crap.

  3. I’m sorry you’re having that kind of day. So let me remind you that no one can fail to dance to

    “Murder (Or a Heart Attack)”.

    I’m trying to embed something; apologies if it doesn’t work.

  4. One of my high school friends just downloaded it. My sister-in-law also downloaded it. Both are enjoying it so far. Looks like your strategy of building audience is working.

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