Skills for Everyday Living

Heather Solos is going through an interesting problem for those of us who are intellectual property junkies. A website in Florida has popped up advertising itself as “Modern Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living” whereas Solos’s website is “Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living.” Solos is rightfully concerned not just that her website is being ripped off, but that Modern Home-Ec 101 seems to be hoping that there’s some confusion with her brand and that people might mistakenly think this is something she’s somehow involved in.

I told Solos I’d be really curious to know if they were planning on using her book as the textbook in an effort to make the confusion more ongoing.

Brand purity isn’t something I’ve had to worry about, thank goodness. And there are a lot of people who don’t really get how intellectual property laws work, so while I do think you have to go after those folks, it’s easy to be sympathetic.

It’s much harder to have any sympathy for folks who seem to be deliberately trying to stir up confusion and benefit from that confusion.

Plus the website actually contains the sentence, “This class teaches you how to cook like it is made from scratch, however many of the basics will be store boughten with your own twist.” I don’t know what the exchange rate between dollar and twist is, but rest assured, I will not be buying anything at the store with my own twist. I have a hard enough time with my own currency.

6 thoughts on “Skills for Everyday Living

  1. I think Twist is a soda pop.
    I think stirring up confusion about intellectual property deserves the worst level of hell. It’s all too bad.

  2. Yes, thankfully the problem was resolved easily. I still don’t understand why someone in my comments says I should be supportive of this person. Seriously? That I shouldn’t have made the disparaging comment of calling the copycat site “tacky”

  3. Supportive of the person/people who are ripping you off? It’s not like this is fan fiction where “Heather Solos” ends up being a superhero vampire with a harem of half naked men who do her every bidding while she blogs at Home Ec 101. That’s the kind of intellectual property theft I’d be understanding of.

    Calling a tacky site that’s trying to confuse people about your involvement in it tacky? Nothing wrong with that.

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