Dreaming Indiana

On Friday, I was feeling better, but not great. Good enough to have a nice long talk with the Professor, but then I had to go to bed. So, since we were going to eat lunch with our parents for Dad’s birthday in Vincennes, I took Nyquil. Oh lord.

It took me until we got until Vincennes to sober up. Honestly, I can’t believe that people do that recreationally. I couldn’t  tell if I was asleep or awake. I still felt like crap, but also so groggy.

It was terrible. And I feel worse today than I did on Friday.

I should have never taken the Nyquil.

I had some other stuff to say, but I can’t remember what.

In Vincennes, even the grass was icy.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming Indiana

  1. I knew a guy in high school who claimed he would bake NyQuil until it was solid, and then smoke the resulting chunks. Other than him, I’ve never known anyone who said they did it recreationally.

  2. I thought it was Robitussin — where people “Robo-trip” — isn’t that what it’s called?

    Nyquil has offered me many a nights sleep. I’d be screwed without it.
    My best friend, on the other hand — it keeps her awake & gives her heart palpitations.

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