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I should be shocked to learn this, but honestly, I am not. I mean, I’m surprised to learn she was under indictment, but on the other hand, it explains why she didn’t call the authorities when she should have. She weighed going to prison against a kid’s life and Henry lost.

But I am not shocked that there is even more evidence that this whole “investigation” was hinky. When a kid ends up dead after being at the house of most people, those people get hassled. The fact that there was so little hassle has never sat well with me. This is just more evidence of how strange the absence of hassle is.

And I sincerely hope the TBI is investigating, since the social circles of relatively comfortable white people who all abuse the same kinds of drugs in Knoxville has got to be pretty small. I think one answer the whole state deserves is whether Henry’s death was “investigated” how it was in order to shield the judge or other high-ranking Knoxvillians from discovery.

If it’s just a shitty investigation, fine. That sucks for Henry’s family, but fine.

But folks, I just don’t feel like this is incompetence, you know?

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  1. I’m of the mind the social circle of comfortable white folks in Knoxville (or any other major, Tennessee city, for that matter) who abuse opiates and its cousins is probably larger than you/we might think.

  2. I think it’s true that a lot more people abuse prescription drugs than most people realize, but once you’re not stealing from family members, the pipeline of where you can go to get the drugs you want narrows remarkably.

    There are only so many dealers.

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