Oh! Harcourt Makes a Move

Amazon has a publishing arm, a legitimate publishing arm, which has been in the news for handing out wonderfully high royalties and for the animosity traditional bookstores have expressed toward Amazon’s publishing venture.

You could publish with Amazon, but you weren’t going to find your book in Barnes & Noble.

Except that now Amazon has signed a deal with Harcourt for distribution. Amazon’s books will appear to be Harcourt books. Now, bookstores could just refuse to carry Harcourt books, but that’s a little harder to accomplish than just cutting off Amazon. So, it appears for now that a work-around had been found.

I’m curious to see how the industry responds to this.

2 thoughts on “Oh! Harcourt Makes a Move

  1. Maybe I can publish my Bakeless Prize finalist memoir with them, since none of the commercial presses seems to agree with the Breadloaf folks that it’s any good.\

  2. Ugh, this bums me out. You really haven’t found anyone who would take your memoir? What the fuck is wrong with the publishing world?

    But yeah, exactly. Who can blame authors for going with a publisher with Amazon’s reach, when it’s so hard to get other publishers excited about non-event books?

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