Setting the Record “Straight” on How Heterosexual People Can Prevent HIV/AIDS

You’ll be unsurprised to learn that it’s pretty much the same things gay and bisexual people can do.

I find it a little annoying that the government is all “just don’t have sex with that many people, okay?” since there are enough non-sexual ways to contract HIV and rape is common enough that concern trolling over slutty behavior just doesn’t seem that constructive to me. After all, if you have sex with 50,000 people who don’t have HIV, you’re never going to get it from sexual contact. But if you have sex only once with one person who is also a virgin but got it from being stabbed with an infected needle when he reached into a garbage can to rescue a kitten, you are at great risk. Plus, not everyone can control who fucks them or how, sadly.

Anyway, don’t miss Campfield in the comments of Meador’s post passing off twenty-five year old information as definitive. I don’t know about you, but I use 1988 as my guide for everything. That’s why I’m afraid of the Soviet Union and think the Taliban are our friends.


3 thoughts on “Setting the Record “Straight” on How Heterosexual People Can Prevent HIV/AIDS

  1. I don’t think he read the article he posted anyways. 1988 or not, it doesn’t say what he says it says. It says that having protected sex with a low risk partner is VERY low risk, while having unprotected sex with a high risk person (like an intravenous drug user) is alot riskier. Guess what? That’s true for gay people too, and certianly doesn’t mean anything like “it’s virutually impossible to get HIV through heterosexual sex.” Also worth noting that (until recently unfortunately, and I place alot of blame for the change on abstinence only education producing a generation of gay men who don’t know how to use a condom) the HIV infection rate in the American gay male community was going down, while the HIV infection rate in the straight community was skyrocketting (and THAT I blame on people like Campfield spreading “gay disease” myths which lead straight people to not take precautions they should).

    But if you have sex only once with one person who is also a virgin but got it from being stabbed with an infected needle when he reached into a garbage can to rescue a kitten, you are at great risk.

    I totally agree with your point here. BUT “great risk” is perhaps an overstatement. Your risk of contracting HIV during one episode of unprotected sex with a person infected with HIV is between 1 in 250 and 1 in 1000 (the margin of error on those kinds of studies is pretty wide). Still far too great a risk to knowingly take, but the reason I mention it is that sometimes I think that an overstatement of how aggressive the HIV virus is in transmission can add to the “leper” stigma on positive people.

  2. Nope, you’re right, Dolphin. “Great risk” is stretching.

    I think part of the reason that this bugs me is that HIV, these days, is like diabetes. It’s nothing to make light of and it does impact your day to day life, and it can kill you if not properly monitored. It is best to try not to get it, but if you do, it’s not an instant death sentence.

    It’s just a serious disease that we now have good means to deal with, even as we hope researchers will find better ones.Nothing more. Nothing less

    Some people in our state legislature seem completely distraught over this turn of events and long for the good old days when they could be certain that AIDS was God’s just punishment for being gay.

    The amount of people who call themselves Christian and who are floundering for proof that God deliberately hurts people who disobey him and happily takes down their partners, children, and people who just happened to get infected blood transfusions really brings me up short.

    I mean, I’ve certainly joked about wanting God to smite certain people, but I’ve seen nothing like the longing with which folks seem to be hoping they can force us all to admit that God is indeed moving across the earth like an efficient serial-killing genie, fulfilling their deepest wish that they are right about how worthless the rest of us are.

  3. What with Campfield and Floyd continuously spouting absolute stupidity for all the world to hear, Tennessee will soon be the nation’s biggest laughingstock. What’s worse is the fact that the “crackers” they represent think these guys are the “smart ones”.

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