Regular Man, Regular Woman

From WBIR:

10News sat down with the senator where he confirmed his statements, but said it was taken out of context. He said that he acknowledges that heterosexuals can contract the virus. He meant that certain groups are at much higher risk for AIDS.

“A lot of people trying to gloss over and say it’s an every person disease but really it’s just those high risk people that are most likely to contract or spread that disease The odds of a regular man getting it from a regular woman are very low,” he said.

We asked, “What do you mean by ‘regular?'”

He said, “someone who is not from Africa, someone who is not a homosexual, someone who is not an IV drug user, someone who is not sleeping with someone who is one of those things.”

Africans aren’t regular people? People who sleep with Africans aren’t regular people?! This jackass wanted to join the Black Caucus and he doesn’t think people from Africa are regular people?

I am floored. It’s not that I can’t believe he thinks this. I truly do.

I can’t believe that it’s this incident that finally makes him just bald-face say what those of us who’ve been following his political career have long said is obvious subtext.

But here it is.

History Things

–Ugh, this point about our belief in medical explanations vs. witchcraft explanations and the future having other explanations just hits me right in the gut. Good stuff, though.

We’re discussing the outbuildings at Sevier Park in the comments at Pith. My new opinion is that, if you can’t get a home made out of stone, make it out of a log cabin, because those fuckers last. If that was indeed used by the French, I guess that means the French population of Nashville (or pre-Nashville) was larger than Timothy Demonbreun, huh? Also, that Granny White Pike is a fucking old road.

Casting My Daguerreotype Boyfriend. I like this because it’s so easy to look at pictures of people in the past and think they just look so foreign. Seeing examples of how they look like people now helps deflate that difference.

Braisted on Campfield Action

The owner of a Knoxville restaurant kicked Stacey Campfield out of her establishment last night for being a destructive bigot. Sean Braisted gets to the core of the matter.

Knoxvillains who wish to eat out have a whole host of different options from which to choose from.  But Tennesseans who want equal representation and rights have only one legislature to look to.  While there are many representatives, theirs, Stacey Campfield has made it a mission in his life to make life harder for those who don’t fit his own personal view of ‘normal’.

It’s hard, when society is set up to make it s easy to just ignore that you are benefiting from bigots–and thus reaffirming to them that their ideas are “normal” and “mainstream”–and to just let a politician like Campfield eat in your restaurant. In a way, it reminds me of the stand Nirvana took–“if any of you in any way hate homosexuals, people of different color, or women, please do this one favor for us-leave us the fuck alone! Don’t come to our shows and don’t buy our records.”

And people were kind of pissed that some group would be hostile to their liking them, just because they “had different views.” After all, where was this famous liberal tolerance? But tolerance that means letting Campfield glide through life while the people he hurts just shut up and take it isn’t really tolerance. Like Braisted is getting at–tolerance is what two people of equal social stature do when they have opposing views that can’t be reconciled. If you have to keep your head down to keep the bully from picking on you, that’s not tolerating the bully. That’s staying off his radar.

But so often, “tolerate” and “stay off his radar” are treated like the same thing.

Edited to add: Braisted continues to say brilliant things about this.