The Stage Coach Route

Just to give you a sense of how the river is shifting and how quickly, we lived in Aledo from my junior year of college until I went off to grad school in ’99, though, obviously, I was away at college during much of that time.

But when I was home, I did much like I do now–drive around and look at stuff. My dad and I once tried to take the old stage coach road from Keithsburg to New Boston and, if you look at the map, you can still see parts of it. But the road we started on in Keithsburg is gone. You can’t get to the old stage coach road from Keithsburg anymore. Which is weird to think about because my dad and I took that road after the ’93 flood. That wasn’t enough to erase the part of the road that came into town. But the ensuing twenty years have been.

Twenty years. Oh my god. I have wasted so much of my life. Nothing. I have nothing to show for it. Lord almighty.

Anyway, at the time, on the maps, it looked like the old road might still go through, so my dad and I drove it north from Keithsburg one afternoon. Even then it didn’t go through. It ended at some guy’s farm and, looking at the map, probably picked back up again on the other side of another creek. But the cool thing was, when we drove it, we were right at river level practically and we startled a blue heron, who flew right in front of the van, so close we both gasped.

Lord. If I’d have had a kid when I graduated from college, I’d be getting ready to send her to college.

I hope we reincarnate because lord knows I’ve just wasted this whole life goofing off.