The Lesser Warner

The SS Flag

If you remember the discussion on this post, this will be the most disappointing/least surprising thing you’ll read all day.

Obviously, I have no way of knowing for sure that the people in that thread were Marines, just because they claimed to be. But I think we can safely say that, if they were, that’s evidence going back three years that they do indeed know what the insignia means and, in fact, use it for precisely that reason.

And, as I said in that thread, they’d better hope they never run into World War II vets who have learned of this nonsense, because it is completely dishonorable and spitting in the face of those men. And I wonder how they will feel in 50 years, if Marines start tattooing some kind of tribute to Bin Laden on their bodies, because he was “so brilliant” or “so ballsy” or whatever dumbass thing they come up with.

But most of all, I wonder how the hell these kids come home and be a part of society again.